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Steps for setting of electronic connectivity with NSDL as a share registrar (SHR)

The issuer/ registrar intending� to set up electronic connectivity as a SHR with NSDL should provide a letter (addressed to NSDL - Issuer Interface Department) intimating its intention to establish electronic connectivity as a SHR with NSDL alongwith a certified copy of SEBI registration certificate (as Category I or Category II share registrar). This SEBI registration certificate is not required from the issuers intending to establish SHR connectivity for their in-house� activities provided the number of folios is less than or� equal to one lakh. The issuer/registrar will also submit�Form A�giving the contact details.

The hardware has to be procured by the issuer/registrar as per NSDL specifications (given in Form A1 ). The issuer / registrar has to submit Form A & A1 to NSDL-PMC Department before giving the purchase order.

Please refer to circular No.NSDL/CIR/II/025/2008 dated October 13, 2008.

The Issuer/ registrar will complete connectivity testing with the help of networking department officials from NSDL and submit�Form B to NSDL.

The issuer/registrar should send payment of Rs.2,50,000 plus taxes (as applicable) vide a Demand Draft drawn in favour of National Securities Depository Limited payable at Mumbai towards the DPM-SHR application software. After the connectivity testing is completed and on receipt of a CD containing application softwares viz; NSDL Download Agent, Signature Viewing Utility etc. & e-Token, the issuer/registrar should apply for Digital Signature Certificate (Refer NSDL Circular No. NSDL/CIR/II/14/2010 dated May 6, 2010).


The issuer/registrar should get at least two persons trained at NSDL when the connectivity testing is in progress. NSDL organises training programs for issuer/registrar on need basis, which is generally at a frequency of every two months. (For training program schedule get in touch with NSDL Business Partner Training Department)


The issuer/registrar should inform NSDL officials regarding the successful log-in into the software. The testing for regular business operations (Pilot Testing) should be completed by the issuer/ registrar. The issuer/registrar is required to install Auto Download Software on one of the client machine for receiving beneficiary positions from NSDL.


After the pilot testing for regular business operations is completed, the issuer/registrar will be made live in NSDL system as a share registrar.


For clarifications on networking issues you may please contact NSDL System III Department.

For any further assistance you may please contact Mr. Basant Sahu / Mr. Preveen Prasad from NSDL at 022-24994543 / 24994552.
Email : basant /

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