September 30, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,37,55,327
DP Service Centres 36,096
Demat Custody Value 295.92 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3989 billion)

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Account Maintenance

To avail of the various services offered by NSDL an investor/ a broker/ an approved intermediary (for lending & borrowing) has to open a NSDL depository account with any of its DPs.

Beneficiary account

An investor who wants to hold securities in dematerialised (demat) form and receive or deliver securities by inter-account transfers must have a depository account called beneficiary account with a DP of his choice.

Clearing member account

Member brokers of those stock exchanges which have established electronic connectivity with NSDL need to open a clearing member account, with a DP of his choice, to clear and settle trades in the demat form. This account is popularly known as Settlement account or Pool account. This account is meant only to transfer securities to and receive securities from the clearing corporation/ house and hence, the member broker does not have any ownership (beneficiary) rights over the shares held in such an account.

Further, clearing members of stock exchanges permitting Automatic Lending or Borrowing Mechanism (ALBM) transactions can request for a "clearing member ALBM" account to participate in ALBM transactions. These additional CM Accounts maintained for the purpose of ALBM transactions will have to be necessarily opened with the clearing house of the concerned stock exchange e.g. a BSE clearing member's "normal clearing member account" could be with a DP XYZ, but his "clearing member ALBM" account will have to necessarily be with the clearing house of the BSE.

Intermediary account

Any person choosing to act as an approved 'intermediary' for stock lending and borrowing needs to open an intermediary account with any DP of his choice. An intermediary account may be opened with the DP only after the intermediary has obtained registration from the Securities & Exchange Board of India and with the prior approval of NSDL. This account is meant only to deposit the securities received from the lender and lend them to the borrower under stock lending and borrowing scheme. The intermediary does not have any ownership (beneficiary) rights over the shares held in such an account.

Standing Instruction Facility

DP enters the advise for the transfer of securities to or from a beneficial owner's account only on receipt of instructions from the client. The clients need to give delivery instruction to transfer securities from their account & receipt instruction to get credit into their account. However, for ease of operation, a facility of standing instruction is provided to the clients for receiving securities to the credit of their accounts without any further instruction from them.

Change in Address

The client can change his address by submitting the changes in writing to the DP along with proof of identity, proof of new address with original document of new address for verification and latest transaction statement received from the DP of the client. The changes conveyed to the DP will be automatically communicated to the companies in which he is holding shares in dematerialised form.

Bank Account Details

Details of bank account of the client, including the 9-digit code number of the bank and branch appearing on the MICR cheques issued by the bank have to given to the DP at the time of account opening. Companies use this information for printing them on dividend/interest warrants to prevent its misuse. In case the client wish to change this bank account details, he can do so by submitting the changes in writing to the DP.


A client can make a nomination of his account in favour of any person by filing the nomination form with his DP. Such nomination is considered to be conclusive evidence of the account holder'(s) disposition in respect of all the securities in the account for which the nomination is made. The nomination can be changed/deleted anytime by the account holder/s by simply filling the nomination form and submitting it to the DP.

Transposition cum Demat

This is a facility whereby securities held jointly can be dematerialised in an account of same joint holders but having different sequence of names. e.g. securities held in joint names of X and Y can also be dematerialised in an account opened in the names of Y and X by submitting an additional form called Transposition Form alongwith Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF) to the DP.

Consolidation of Accounts

Some clients could have opened multiple accounts to dematerialise their shares held in multiple combinations & sequence of names. However, they may not need so many accounts after they have dematerialised their securities and may want to bring all their shareholdings into one or fewer accounts. Using off-market account transfer instruction such consolidation can be done.

Closure of Account

A client can close a depository account by giving an application in the prescribed form. In case there is any balance in the account sought to be closed, the following steps are necessary:

  • Re-materialisation of all securities standing to the credit of the account at the time of making the application for closure; or
  • Transferring the balance to the credit of another account opened by the same account older(s) either with the same DP or with a different DP.

Freezing of Accounts

Account freezing means suspending any further transaction from the depository account till the account is de-frozen. A depository account maintained with a DP can be frozen if the DP receives a written instruction in prescribed form from the client. A frozen account can be de-frozen or re-activated if the client submits written instruction in prescribed form to the DP.

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