October 31, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,42,04,487
DP Service Centres 36,114
Demat Custody Value 294.81 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3933 billion)

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NSDL Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)

NSDL CAS is a single statement of all your investments in the securities market. NSDL CAS includes investments in equity shares, preference shares, mutual funds units, sovereign gold bonds, corporate bonds, debentures, securitized instruments, money market instruments and government securities held in demat. It also includes details of your investment in mutual fund units which are kept in statement or folio form with different mutual fund companies. All investments held in single or joint names with you as the sole/first holder are a part of the NSDL CAS.

NSDL CAS is part of the overall vision to enable all financial assets to be held electronically in a single demat account, which was articulated by the Hon’ble Finance Minister in his budget speech of July 2014. As a step in this direction, SEBI has introduced this Consolidated Account Statement for all securities assets by consolidating demat accounts and mutual fund folios.

NSDL CAS offers you unparalleled convenience in keeping track of your investment portfolio. You can easily monitor the investments you hold, their value and portfolio composition. Since it comes from the depository directly, CAS reflects true status of your investments. It will help you in developing strategy to manage your investments better. e-CAS or electronic version of NSDL CAS, is even better in terms of security and ease in storage and retrieval.

To know more and for any further query regarding NSDL CAS, visit or contact us at We welcome your feedback about CAS at NSDL[dash]CASfeedback[at]nsdl[dot]co[dot]in

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