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Investment and Expenses to be Incurred by a Registrar & Transfer Agent

This cost includes cost related to hardware and software.

Sr. No Particulars Payable to Amount Range (Rs.)
1 Hardware
Total Cost ( Hardware and software) a) Hardware & Software -Vendor
b) NSDL Software Charges -NSDL
4,34,000 /-
(a) Download Machine/Client Machine ++ Vendor 27,000/-
(b) All remaining hardware i.e. (Printer(Deskjet),Modem@ ,Router+ cables,UPS ) Vendor Approx -70,000/-
(c) Hardware E-Token NSDL Available at no extra cost *
2 MPLS Charges (64kbps Charges)** NSDL Annual Charges - 65000/- One time installation Charges - 11000/-
3 Software
(a) Zip it Fast/Zip Central/7-Zip   Free download available on Internet
(b) Windows XP Professional Vendor 9,000/-
(c) Anti-virus Vendor 2,000/-
(d) NSDL Software (One time Charges) Vendor 2,50,000/-


++ Client machine & Download Machine can be combined into single setup

* E-token will be provided at the time of joining only by NSDL. In case of loss and/or damage of E-token, Registrar & Transfer Agents may procure the additional E-token as per specifications prescribed by NSDL from their local vendor.

@ If the Registrar & Transfer Agent is already having Broadband modem then there is no need to procure Dial up modem. The broadband Modem is available at no extra cost; it comes along with the broadband Plan which the SHR optís for.

Notes :

The above mentioned hardware cost is the tentative initial cost. The price varies based on brand and model selected. NSDL has empanelled wide range of brands and models for Participants' selection convenience.

No Bandwidth Annual Charges
1 64 kbps Rs.65,000/-
2 128 kbps Rs.75,000/-
3 256 kbps Rs.85,000/-
4 512 kbps Rs.1,15,000/-
5 1 mbps Rs.1,65,000/-
6 2 mbps Rs.2,50,000/-

Charges payable by Issuers

Additional Benpos Costs : Whenever a request is made for Benpos other than for statutory purposes, NSDL levies a fee of Rs. 5,000/- in case there are upto 10,000 beneficial owners and Rs. 10,000/- for other cases. However, the weekly downloads and downloads for statutory purposes are provided free of charge. Charges payable to Registrar: Issuers utilising the services of a registrar and transfer agent who is connected to NSDL will have to pay service charges to their registrars.