June 30, 2021
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Points to be followed for Hardware, Software Installation and Connectivity with NSDL

Forward the following forms completely filled by Registrar & Transfer Agent to NSDL-addressed to BP Technical Interface Department

This form provides general information about your company in terms of Postal Address, Telephone Nos., and Fax Nos. and Contact Persons with their respective designations.

These forms declares the hardware installed at Registrar & Transfer Agents end for NSDL operations. It includes Hardware brand, Specific models, Hardware vendor and information about the Operating System for hardware being procured.

Registrar & Transfer Agent is required to forward the same to NSDL on completion of hardware installation and Testing. Completed FORM- A1 & B After stamping companys seal on all the pages of the form and duly signed by the systems in-charge at Registrar & Transfer Agent.

3.1LAN Set-up

The LAN set-up of R & T Agent includes minimum one Download Machine, one Client Desktop, Router, Modem, and Printer. This set-up should be kept isolated from Registrar & Transfer Agents internal network.

Note : Client machine & Download Machine can be combined into single setup

3.2 Client Installation

  • Hard disk partitions optional
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Anti-virus software for Windows XP prof.must be installed in the Download machine and Client machine

Note : Client machine & Download Machine can be combined into single setup

3.3Router installation

  • Requirement of Advanced Internetworking Operating System compatible with router.

Registrar & Transfer Agent can apply for either of the below mentioned connectivity for establishing theElectronicconnectivity with NSDL.

  • IP VSAT from NSE
  • MPLS (Tata/Tulip)

3.4 IP VSAT Connectivity from NSE

Note :
Registrar & Transfer Agent already having NSE VSAT for their trading operations are allowed to use the same VSAT for NSDL SHR operations.

The necessary networking equipment for VSAT connectivity through NSE's private network will be provided by NSE to each Registrar & Transfer Agent. However, NSE members who are already connected via VSAT can share the same for their depository operations also. The information regarding application of IP VSAT Connectivity is available on NSE web site

3.5 MPLS (Tata/Tulip)

The Registrar and Transfer Agents have to apply for MPLS Connectivity (TATA/TULIP) depending upon the feasibility which will act as a primary media of connectivity after co-ordination with the Wan Team officials Contact No - 24994452/58/59/4644).


Primary media (IP VSAT or MPLS) may occasionally fail to function due to technical problems. During such time, to facilitate business operations continuity, appropriate fallback connectivity has to be established by using PSTN line and hence Async modem is required by Registrar & Transfer Agentsfor establishing, PPP connectivity The Registrar & Transfer Agents can also opt for ISDN(optional) as a media for fallback connectivity by having a Router with BRI port. Regardless of the ISDN connectivity, Registrar & Transfer Agents shall also arrange dedicated Telephone (PSTN) line with STD facility (For Registrar & Transfer Agents having SHR set-up outside Mumbai) for PPP (in case of Router failure) connectivity.


Download Machine, Client desktop, Router, Printer, Dial up or Broad band Modem, and IDU of the IP VSAT or MPLS Modem or Adapter should be connected to the UPS.

Note : Client machine & Download Machine can be combined into single setup

3.8Hardware Approval

BP Technical Interface Team of NSDL verifies 'FORM-A, A1& B' sent by the Registrar and Transfer Agents and approves the same. The specific queries (if any), related to hardware/software declared by the same in 'FORM-A1 & B' (in terms of Brand, Model, Configuration, Operating System, Anti-Virus etc.) would be conveyed to the Registrar and Transfer Agents.

3.9. Compression utility Installation

It is recommended to install free version of the Zip-it-fast, Zip central, 7 Zip software on Windows XP Professional Machine where Outlook express software is installed.

Time in Minutes
No of records 64 Kbps 128 Kbps 256 Kbps 512 Kbps 1 Mbps 2 Mbps
1,000 0.72 0.36 0.18 0.09 0.04 0.02
5,000 3.59 1.8 0.9 0.45 0.22 0.11
10,000 7.19 5.39 1.8 0.9 0.45 0.22
25,000 17.96 8.98 4.49 2.25 1.12 0.56
50,000 35.93 17.96 8.98 4.49 2.25 1.12
100,000 71.85 35.93 17.96 8.98 4.49 2.25
200,000 143.7 71.85 35.93 17.96 8.98 4.49
300,000 215.56 107.78 53.89 26.94 13.47 6.74
400,000 287.41 143.7 71.85 35.93 17.96 8.98
500,000 359.26 179.63 89.81 44.91 22.45 11.23
600,000 431.11 215.56 107.78 53.89 26.94 13.47
700,000 502.96 251.48 125.74 62.87 31.44 15.72
800,000 574.82 287.41 143.7 71.85 35.93 17.96
900,000 646.67 323.33 161.67 80.83 40.42 20.21
1,00,000 718.52 359.26 179.63 89.81 44.91 22.45
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