June 30, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,25,09,779
DP Service Centres 36,113
Demat Custody Value 267.41 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3598 billion)

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Software Set-Up

NSDL provides the Registrar & Transfer Agents with DPM SHR Application Software. The subsequent paragraphs give the specifications regarding the software

  • Installation
    File Down Agent software with version control and Documentation will be provided on suitable medium (CD-ROM or DAT or a set of 3.5" floppies) with instruction for installation.
  • Copy Rights
    DPM SHR Application Software requires Windows Operating System of Microsoft. Number of licenses being used by the Registrar & Transfer Agent would be responsibility of the Registrar & Transfer Agent. Registrar & Transfer Agent is expected to adhere to the licensing requirements as prescribed by Microsoft. NSDL will not be liable in any way towards violation of licensing agreement. DPM SHR Application Software provided is for exclusive use on the hardware dedicated for interface to Depository system. DPM SHR application must not be copied/used onto any other system. Copy right for DPM SHR application software solely lies with NSDL.
  • Warranty
    The DPM SHR application software supplied carries warranty. Defects reported from the field will be logged and the consolidated list with schedules for fixes will be communicated periodically. Patches and/or new version of software will be distributed through a suitable medium (including network) with installation guidelines. Installation will have to be carried out by the Registrar & Transfer Agent systems staff.
  • Support
    In order to assist the Registrar & Transfer Agents and to ensure continuous operation, NSDL has commissioned a "Helpdesk" within its premises whereby necessary help will be provided to the Registrar & Transfer Agents as specified by NSDL. The main objective of the helpdesk is to provide support services to the Registrar & Transfer Agents during their regular operation hours. The services include providing clarifications and solutions to the problems encountered by the Registrar & Transfer Agents in relation to their regular operation. (NSDL Depository helpdesk - 24994600)
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