September 30, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,37,55,327
DP Service Centres 36,096
Demat Custody Value 295.92 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3989 billion)

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System Specifications & Investments

Participants are required to arrange a dedicated I.T. set up installed in their office for NSDL operations. Connectivity is required to be established between the Participant's set-up and the Depository system hosted at National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). For smooth functioning of the system, the hardware, software and network equipments (LAN and WAN) for this setup are required to be in accordance with NSDL's specifications. As per SEBI regulations, the Participant is required to ensure continuous electronic means of communication (connectivity) with NSDL.

The minimum I.T. set up required for Participant comprises of single CPU Server, at least one client / node (Desktop system) and networking hardware (LAN Switch, Router). The Participant may consider more number of CPUs, higher memory and/or disk capacity and more number of Desktop machines based on their estimates of volume of business. However, this could be added later to the set-up if the initial models chosen have the headroom for upgrade.

The specifications of the I.T. setup required by a Participant are as follows:

Hardware Details

Description Hardware
Entry Level Server (with Software Raid) for new DP Dual CPU - speed Minimum 3 GHZ & RAM of 8 GB ^
(SATA/SAS) 2 Hard Disk (each 500GB minimum) configured with RAID 1 or three Hard Disks configured with RAID 5 for database drive, separate hard disk for operating system (min. 500 GB).
Any of the following can be used as Database backup device as per the convenience and choice of the Participant 1)USB Drive OR 2) DVD Writer OR 3) LTO OR 4) DLT
Minimum 2 USB ports
Cloud Server NSDL is pleased to host the Local DPM System on NSDL Cloud (Private Network). Participants will have the ability to access their Local DPM System on Cloud (instead of premises). Participants who opt to access 'DPM System on Cloud' will benefit in the following ways:

a) Participants will not be required to procure windows license and SQL server license for database,
b) Participants will not be required to carry out administrative work like daily database backups, weekly     reorg etc. and
c) Participants will not be required to Deploy security features like anti-virus, etc.

Client Any desktop (branded or assembled) Dual CPU - speed Minimum 3 GHZ & RAM of 4 GB
Router Cisco Router 1800 series, 1900 series, 892 with Advanced Security IOS or Layer 3 switch
Fallback Connectivity Any Internet connection available
Scanner Any TWAIN compliant Scanner
Printer Any Laser Jet / Deskjet Printer
LAN  Switch Any LAN Switch with adequate ports to connect both Server and Desktops used for DPM set-up.
UPS Any UPS with 30 minutes battery backup
USB E-token Make - Safenote e-Token 5100 @

^ This entry level server configuration mentioned is recommended for Participants having volumes within the following sizing guidelines. If Participant expects the volumes to go beyond these guidelines, then server models that are upgradable to 8 GB RAM and Dual CPU may be procured. This will help adding CPU and /or RAM when volume reaches the below mentioned limits without the need to replace the server:

DPM-DP Setup (entry level) stated above can comfortably handle the following volumes  
Number of client accounts 1,00,000
Number  of  CM accounts 50
Number of Transactions / day 15000
Number of workstations simultaneously accessing the system 3

Server Models

Considering the rapidly changing models of Server and Client PCs resulting into improvised processor speeds at a competitive cost, NSDL has prescribed minimum configuration for Server & Client as mentioned in the above table to be used in the setup for NSDL operation. Participants are free to procure any model of Server and Client, of any hardware brand certified by the Microsoft Operating System with prescribed configuration mentioned in the above table. Participants are required to procure Router and Modem from the list of specific models prescribed by NSDL.

Participants are advised to ensure that the make and model of the Server and the Desktop to be used for the NSDL is certified by Microsoft Operating System by visiting Microsoft web site prior to procuring the hardware.

Licensed software to be procured and installed on Local DPM Server and Client Machine(s) are as listed below:

  • 1. Microsoft Windows 2008 Server 32 bit Standard Edition with SP 4 or Enterprise (Operating System) for Local DPM Server.
  • 2. Anti-Virus Software for Microsoft Windows 2008 Server 32 bit Standard / Enterprise.
  • 3. Microsoft SQL 2008 Standard Edition Server Paper License.
  • 4. Windows 7 Professional 32 bit for client machines.
  • 5. Local DPM software (GISMO for server and client installation - will be provided by NSDL).
  • 6. Acrobat reader (to be downloaded by Participant).
  • 7. DOT Net 3.5 (for client machines - will be provided by NSDL).
  • 8. Internet explorer version 8.0 (for local DPM server and client machines).

LAN Set-up

The LAN set-up of Participant includes Local DPM Server, Client, Router, Internet, Printer and Scanner. This Set -up should be exclusively used for NSDL operations only. Back-office set up can be connected to this set-up by representing the requirement and modality of connection to NSDL and obtaining its explicit concurrence.

Server OS, Client OS and SQL server Installation

License of latest available OS can be procured from Participants System Integrator, Vendor or any Microsoft channel partner. NSDL endeavours to qualify its application on new versions of operating systems and hence this will future protect the Participant's investment and can be deployed as and when NSDL releases the compatible software version. The license of the current version, allows Participant to install the same software of earlier version as long as the said version is under the support of OEM. This is applicable to MS-SQL Database Server and Operating System license, as well.

This will include cost related to office space required for conducting Depository operations, hardware and software cost. The space should be enough to allow for one server, one router, two nodes and provide easy movement to at least one operator. Additional space required will vary amongst Participants and will depend on volume of trades. Most categories of Participants being large institutions already having a network of offices / branches, the space cost will be notional. Tentative initial hardware & software cost is mentioned below -

Sr. No. Particulars Payable to Approximate Amount Range (₹)
1.   Hardware    
a) Server with Software Raid Vendor 50,000
b) Desktop Vendor 27,000
c) All remaining hardware i.e. (Printer, Scanner, Modem, Router, UPS) Vendor Approx. 1,00,000
d) Hardware e-Token NSDL Available at no extra cost *
2. MPLS Charges (64kbps Charges) NSDL Annual Charges- 65,000. Installation Charges (one time) of MPLS is 11,000 #
3. ISDN (optional) Service Provider Participant to bear Dialing charges. No Charges are levied by NSDL.
 4.   Software    
a) Annual Charges for DPM Application Software license (New set-up) NSDL 40,000 ##
b) Approximate charges for other Software required {Windows 2008     standard server (32 Bit), Windows XP Professional/Windows 7     Professional, Antivirus)} Vendor Approx. 50,000
c) MS-SQL Database Server 2008 Vendor 80,000 ***
d) Zip it Fast/Zip Central   Free download available on Internet

Notes: The above mentioned hardware cost is the tentative initial cost. The price varies based on brand and model selected.

*e-Token will be provided by NSDL initially at the time of Participant starting the Depository Services. The e-Tokens will be provided for the Client machines procured and declared for DPM Set-up. Subsequent loss or damage of e-Token, or additions of more Desktops which may need new e-Tokens will have to be procured by the Participants from vendor of their choice.

## The Participant can either opt for Annual Charges of ₹ 40,000 or One time Charges of ₹ 2,50,000 for DPM Application Software license.

***Software CD provided by NSDL. Licenses to be procured by Participant (Full Server pack will come with Minimum 5 user licenses).

Above estimates do not include various fee payable to NSDL and SEBI (one time and recurring), manpower and other related business expenses.

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