National Securities Depository Limited
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System Specification

The Registrar & Transfer Agents will have their own dedicated I.T. set up (for DPM SHR operations) installed in their office. This set-up shall be connected to the Depository system situated at National Securities Depository Limited, Central System (Head Office of NSDL), using appropriate telecommunication links. The hardware, software & telecommunication equipment of this setup should be in accordance with NSDL Specification. The Registrar & Transfer Agent should ensure continuous electronic means of communication (connectivity) with NSDL.

The minimum I.T. set up required for a Registrar & Transfer Agents entry level system would comprise of single CPU Server (upgradable to dual or quad CPUs), at least one client / node (Desk top system) and networking hardware. The Registrar & Transfer Agents may configure additional CPU, memory, disks and nodes based on the volume of business envisaged.