June 30, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,25,09,779
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Terms and Conditions for SMS Alert facility for NSDL demat account holders

In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings

"Alerts " or "Facility " means the customized messages with respect to specific events/transactions relating to an Investor 's Account sent as Short Messaging Service ( "SMS ") over mobile phone to the Investor;

"Investor " means the person who holds an Account;

"Account " means the demat account of the Investor with NSDL maintained through its Depository Participant;

"ISIN " means an International Securities Identification Number assigned to a security;

"CSP " means the cellular service provider through whom the Investor or NSDL receives the mobile services.

  • NSDL at its sole discretion may discontinue the Facility at any time by providing a prior intimation through its website or any other medium of communication. NSDL may at its discretion extend the Facility to investors who register mobile phones originating outside India.
  • The Alerts would be generated by NSDL and will be sent to the investors on the mobile number provided by the investor and the delivery of the Alert would be entirely based on the service availability of the service provider and connectivity with other cellular circles of the CSPs or in circles forming part of the roaming GSM network agreement between such CSPs. The Alerts are dependent on various factors including connectivity and, therefore, NSDL cannot assure final and timely delivery of the Alerts.
  • The investor will be responsible for the security and confidentiality of his/her Mobile Phone and mobile phone number to be used for this Facility.
  • This Facility provides various types of Alerts to investors over mobile phones These Alerts will be sent to those investors who have requested for such a Facility and have provided their mobile numbers to their Depository Participants. Investors who have provided their mobile numbers to Depository Participants but do not wish to avail of this Facility may do so by informing their Depository Participants accordingly provided such accounts are not operated by Power of Attorney.
  • The investor is duty bound to acquaint himself/herself with the detailed process for using the Facility and interpreting the Alerts for which NSDL is not responsible for any error/omissions by the investor.
  • The investor acknowledges that the Alerts will be implemented in a phased manner and NSDL may at a later stage; as and when feasible, add more Alerts. NSDL may, at its discretion, from time to time change the features of any Alert. The investor will be solely responsible for keeping himself/herself updated of the available Alerts, which shall, on best-effort basis, be notified by NSDL through its website or any other medium of communication.

This facility is available to investors who request for such a facility and provide their mobile numbers to the Depository Participants. In case mobile numbers already given have changed, investors need to inform their Depository Participants about the new numbers by way of written requests. Investors who have not yet provided their mobile numbers to their Depository Participants can also avail this facility by intimating their mobile numbers to their Depository Participants and submit a written request for this facility. This facility is not available to investors who have registered mobile numbers originating outside India.

Thus, this facility will be available to the investors provided they have given their mobile numbers to their Depository Participants and the Depository Participants have captured the numbers in the computer system and have also enabled (ticked) the SMS flag in their system.

  • The investor is solely responsible for intimating in writing to his/her Depository Participant any change in his/her mobile phone number and NSDL will not be liable for sending Alerts or other information over his/her mobile phone number recorded with NSDL.
  • The investor acknowledges that to receive Alerts, his/her mobile phone must be in an ‘on ' mode. If his/her mobile is kept ‘off ' for a specified period from the time of delivery of an Alert message by NSDL, that particular message may not be received by the investor.
  • The investor acknowledges that the Facility is dependent on the infrastructure, connectivity and services provided by the CSPs within India. The investor accepts that timeliness, accuracy and readability of Alerts sent by NSDL will depend on factors affecting the CSPs and other service providers. NSDL shall not be liable for non-delivery or delayed delivery of Alerts, error, loss or distortion in transmission of Alerts to the investor.
  • NSDL will endeavor to provide the Facility on a best effort basis and the investor shall not hold NSDL responsible/liable for non-availability of the Facility or non performance by any CSPs or other service providers or any loss or damage caused to the investor as a result of use of the Facility (including relying on the Alerts for his/her investment or business or any other purposes) for causes which are attributable to /and are beyond the control of NSDL. NSDL shall not be held liable in any manner to the investor in connection with the use of the Facility.
  • The investor accepts that each Alert may contain certain account information relating to the investor. The investor authorizes NSDL to send any other account related information, though not specifically requested, if NSDL deems that the same is relevant.
  • NSDL may, in its discretion, withdraw temporarily or terminate the Facility, either wholly or in part, at any time. NSDL may suspend temporarily the Facility at any time during which any maintenance work or repair is required to be carried out or incase of any emergency or for security reasons, which require the temporary suspension of the Facility.
  • Not withstanding the terms laid down in clause 1.5.1 above, either the investor or NSDL may, for any reason whatsoever, terminate this Facility at any time. In case the investor wishes to terminate this Facility, he/she will have to intimate his/her Depository Participant accordingly provided such accounts are not operated by Power of Attorney.
  • At present, NSDL is levying no charge for this Facility on the Depository Participants. The investor shall be liable for payment of airtime or other charges, which may be levied by the CSPs in connection with the receiving of the Alerts, as per the terms and conditions between the CSPs and investors, and NSDL is in no way concerned with the same.
  • This Facility is only an Alert mechanism for the investors and is not in lieu of the Transaction Statements required to be provided by the Depository Participant to its clients.
  • NSDL shall not be concerned with any dispute that may arise between the investor and his/her CSP and makes no representation or gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the service provided by the CSP or guarantee for timely delivery or accuracy of the contents of each Alert.
  • The investor shall verify the transactions and the balances in his/her account from his/her Depository Participant and not rely solely on Alerts for any purpose.
  • NSDL will not be liable for any delay or inability of NSDL to send the Alert or for loss of any information in the Alerts in transmission.
  • NSDL shall not be liable for any losses, claims and damages arising from negligence, fraud, collusion or violation of the terms herein on the part of the investor and/ or a third party.