November 30, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,45,96,176
DP Service Centres 36,123
Demat Custody Value 294.45 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3921 billion)

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Facility for holding Mutual Fund Units in dematerialised form

NSDL has enabled holding of mutual fund units [represented by Statement of Account] in dematerialised form for its demat account holders. You can use your existing demat accounts for converting your mutual fund units in dematerialised form.

List of Mutual Fund ISINs

Procedure for conversion of Mutual Fund Units into dematerialised form through your Depository Participant (DP)

  • Obtain Conversion Request Form (CRF) from your DP.
  • Fill-up the CRF.
  • Submit the CRF alongwith the Statement of Account to your DP.
  • After due verification, the DP would send the CRF and Statement of Account to the Asset Management Company (AMC) / Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA).
  • The AMC / RTA after due verification will confirm the conversion request executed by DP and the mutual fund units will be credit in your demat account.

Subscription (Purchase)

You can subscribe for mutual fund units through your Stock Broker using the Stock Exchange platform. Upon subscription, your Stock Broker i.e., Clearing Member will credit the Mutual Fund Units into your demat account.

Redemption (Sale)

You can redeem your mutual fund units held in dematerialised form through two different modes i.e., through your DP or stock broker.

(a) Redemption through DP
  • Obtain Redemption Form (RF) from your DP.
  • Fill-up the RF form and submit it to your DP.
  • After due verification, your DP will execute electronic redemption request, which will be electronically forwarded to the AMC / RTA.
  • The AMC / RTA will verify the redemption request and if in order, confirm the electronic request and make the payment as per your bank account details available in your demat account.
(b) Redemption through stock broker
  • For redemption purpose, in addition to placing order through your Stock Broker, you will have to submit delivery instruction slip (DIS) to your DP to transfer the mutual fund units to a designated CM Pool account of National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited

    (NSCCL) / BOI Shareholding Limited (BOISL). The designated CM Pool account of NSCCL and BOISL are given below for your information:

    Sr. No. Stock Exchange Name CC Name CM BP ID Market Type Pay-in deadline
    1 National Stock Exchange NSCCL IN565576 Normal Redemption
    Liquid Redemption
    MFSS T+2
    4.30 PM on Trade day (Order Day)
    2 Bombay Stock Exchange Limited ICCL IN640016 Mutual Fund Redemption

  • NSCCL / BOISL will credit the requisite funds in your Stock Broker’s Clearing Bank account through usual settlement process for onward payment to you.


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