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January 31, 2020

arraw Investor Accounts - 1,94,42,580
arraw DP Service Centres - 31,248
arraw Demat Custody Value - 197.24
(₹ Lakh Crore)(US$ 2,758 billion)
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NSDL Update – News – November 2013

  • NSDL has amended its Business Rules whereby clients can give an instruction electronically to its Participant to freeze specific number of securities in its account till a pre-determined time in a manner as may be prescribed by the Depository such that it can be unfrozen or can be debited to credit the account of a Clearing Member pre-registered by the Client.
  • Upon receipt of instructions from the Client, the Depository shall execute the request for freezing of specific number of securities in its account till the pre-determined time prescribed by the Depository.
  • The Clearing Member pre-registered by the Client may at any time prior to the pre-determined time submit an instruction electronically in a manner prescribed by the Depository to debit and receive specific number securities or less to the extent frozen by the Client in its account.
  • Upon receipt of instructions from the pre-registered Clearing Member prior to the pre-determined time, the Depository shall execute the request for debiting the specific number of securities or less to the extent frozen by the Client in its account and crediting the securities to the account of the pre-registered Clearing Member.
  • In case no instruction is received from the pre-registered Clearing Member prior to the pre-determined time, the Depository shall unfreeze the specific number of securities frozen in the account of the Client.

(Ref:Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2013/0128 dated November 1, 2013)

NSDL shifts its operations to its DRS at regular intervals to check its readiness and to demonstrate to the market about NSDL's capability to conduct the entire operations from the DRS. NSDL shifted its live operations to the backup site on October 16, 2013 after the EOD (End of the Day). The live operations continued at DRS till EOD of October 18, 2013 and thereafter the operations were reverted to the primary site.

(Ref: Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2013/0119 dated October 15, 2013)

Clients have been provided with a facility to freeze securities in their demat accounts in favour of a Clearing Member through SPEED-e with respect to the trade orders routed on NOW (NEAT on Web) facility of National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Therefore, SPEED-e facility is being integrated with NOW facility. Accordingly, Participants of such Clients will have to make necessary changes in their back office system.

(Ref: Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2013/0120 dated October 15, 2013)

RBI has vide its letter no. FE.CO.FID.No. 1286/10/21/311/2013-14 dated July 17, 2013 advised that the Form TS-1 for granting permission for sale of shares on stock exchanges by non-residents and for sale of shares by negotiated deals is no longer in vogue and does not require any specific approval of RBI.

(Ref: Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2013/0124 dated October 30, 2013)

NSDL has informed all its Participants that M.G. Capital Services Limited (DP ID IN302404), a Participant of NSDL, has been advised to close down its depository operations w.e.f. November 13, 2013.

(Ref: Circular No. NSDL/PI/2013/2566 dated October 29, 2013)

Consequent to transfer of Depository business from Reliance Capital Limited (DP ID IN303132) to Reliance Securities Limited, the name of Reliance Capital Limited is replaced with that of Reliance Securities Limited and has been made operational as Participant on October 22, 2013. Reliance Securities Limited will conduct its Depository operations from Mumbai.

The above addition takes the total number of operational Participants to 281 and the total number of Depository Participant Module (DPM) set-ups to 362.

  • NCDO/NISM training / certification programmes for Participants

To facilitate officials of Participants to prepare and appear for NISM-Series VI Depository Operations Certification Examination (DOCE), NSDL conducted four such training programmes in October 2013 at Lucknow, Mumbai, Noida and Pune which were attended by 93 officials of various Participants.

  • CPE Training Programme for Participants

NSDL, an approved NISM Accreditated Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider offers CPE training programmes for eligible associated persons of Participants. In October 2013, NSDL conducted four such training programmes at various locations viz., Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Surat which were attended by 76 officials of Participants.

  • SHR Training Programme for Issuers and Registrar & Transfer Agents (RTA)

Training programme for Issuers and Registrar & Transfer Agents (RTA) i.e. SHR training programme focuses on day-to-day operations with respect to various operations modules and aspects of NSDL depository system viz., demat/remat, settlement, Beneficiary Positions, Corporate Action, Reconciliation, Record Maintenance etc. which also covers the various system modules viz., Connectivity, Installation procedure, Fault logging and System Security. In October 2013, NSDL conducted one such training programme in Mumbai which was attended by two officials.

  • Investor Depository Meets (IDMs): NSDL interacts with investors throughout the country through a series of ‘Investor Depository Meets’. These programs are organised to spread awareness amongst the accountholders and others about the new facilities introduced by NSDL, the safety features and precautions to be taken by accountholders while operating in the depository environment. During October 2013, NSDL organised 11 IDMs at Agartala in Tripura and Guwahati in Assam, Gondal and Surendranagar in Gujarat, Udupi, Puttur and Mangalore in Karnataka, Visnagar in Gujarat, Trichur, Kottayam and Kollam in Kerala which were attended by 575 investors.
  • Stock Clinic Programme with Participant: To spread awareness about Depository related services & the new features introduced in NSDL Depository system, NSDL conducted Stock Clinic Programme with Bank of India to educate employees and investors of Bank of India regarding benefits of dematerialization. In October 2013, NSDL conducted a training programme in Mumbai which were attended by around 35 persons.
  • Joint Awareness Programmes with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) & National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE): In order to reach out to masses spread across the country and to apprise them about the facilities available in NSDL depository system, NSDL participated in Joint Awareness Programme with SEBI & NSE organized by NSE in October 2013 at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela in Odisha which was attended by around 220 students and faculties.
  • Training Programme organized by Institutions: In October 2013, NSDL conducted three training programmes at Assam Institute of Management (AIM), Guwahati in Assam, Sankalchand Patel Institute of Management in Visnagar and for students from National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM), Faridabad for around 127 students. NSDL also organized three Investor Awareness Programmes with Vivek Vyaspeeth, an NGO in Pune and Baramati and CA Powai Study Circle in association with Committee on Financial Markets and Investor Protection of ICAI in Mumbai for 146 investors. Various aspects on Depository related services were addressed to students & investors attending these programmes.