December 31, 2020
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NSDL Update - News - May 2014

With effect from May 5, 2014, NSDL has launched a facility named FAST (Freezing of demat Account Securities for Trade) which enables clients to freeze securities in their demat accounts in favour of Clearing Member (CM) through SPEED-e facility for the trade orders submitted on NOW (NEAT on Web) facility. For this purpose, SPEED-e facility has been integrated with NOW facility offered by NSDL to its Participants.

In view of this, SPICE facility has been further enhanced to enable CMs to debit the securities frozen in Client's beneficiary accounts (who have given POA to CM) and credit their CM Pool Account. This facility is named as SPICE - FAST.

The salient features of FAST facility are as under:

  • Client will approach its CM for availing FAST facility.
  • Client will log-in to NOW facility using the User ID and password provided by CM and submit the "sell" order on NOW facility
  • User will be re-directed to SPEED-e website ( where user will log-in to SPEED-e facility to execute freezing of securities in its demat account based on the details mentioned in "sell" order. The securities will be frozen (in favour of CM).
  • Subsequent to the execution of trade order, CMs will debit the frozen securities through SPICE - FAST facility so as to transfer frozen securities from Client's account to the CM Pool Account.
  • (Ref: Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2014/0054 dated April 30, 2014)

NSDL has provided a facility to Participants to download the daily price files (Price File & Combined File) from the intranet site of NSDL (i.e. http://i-Assist/) which contains the rates/NAVs of securities as provided by NSE/ BSE/ Issuer/ AMFI. These price files will now include last available price/NAV of securities which are in "Blocked Due to ACA" status.

(Ref:Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2014/0048 dated April 16, 2014)

NSDL shifts its operations to its DRS at regular intervals to check its readiness and to demonstrate to the market about NSDL's capability to conduct the entire operations from the DRS. NSDL shifted its live operations intra-day to the backup site on April 11, 2014. The live operations continued at DRS till EOD of April 17, 2014 and thereafter the operations were reverted to the primary site.

(Ref:Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2014/0045 dated April 10, 2014)

NSDL has informed all its Participants that Responce Securities Private Limited (DP ID IN303905), Participant of NSDL, has informed NSDL about its decision to discontinue their depository operations.

(Ref:Circular No. NSDL/PI/2014/0875 dated April 1, 2014)

Old Name New Name DP ID
JRG Securities Limited Inditrade Capital Limited IN301895

During April 2014, three more Participants have subscribed to the SPEED-e facility viz.,

  • India Cements Investment Services Limited (DP ID IN303340).
  • Ortem Securities Limited (DP ID IN300693)
  • Tracom Stock Brokers Private Limited (DP ID IN302332)

Clients of the above mentioned Participants can now avail the facility of submitting various instructions through SPEED-e facility.

This takes the total number of Participants who have subscribed to SPEED-e to 137.

  • CPE Training Programme for Participants.
  • NSDL, an approved NISM Accreditated Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider offers CPE training programmes for eligible associated persons of Participants. In April 2014, NSDL conducted 14 such training programmes at various locations viz., Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune which were attended by 329 officials of Participants.

  • KYC Training Programme for Participants.
  • In April 2014, NSDL conducted eight 'KYC requirements for Account Opening' training programme at Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi which were attended by 215 officials of Participants. The program focuses on latest developments viz., procedure for opening various depository accounts, BSDA, RGESS, etc., to facilitate efficient functioning of depository operations of Participants.

  • DP Training Programme for Participants.
  • NSDL conducts DP training programme on 'NSDL Depository Operations' for Participants which focuses on in-depth day-to-day operations of depository KYC requirements viz., various operations & system modules such as demat/remat, settlement, pledge, mutual funds, transmission, Compliance and inspection requirements of NSDL and various e-Services facilities of NSDL viz., IDeAS, SPEED-e etc. In April 2014, NSDL conducted two training programmes in Mumbai which were attended by 15 officials of Participants.

  • System Administrator's Training Programme (SATP) for Participants
  • In order to disseminate knowledge about various functionalities and information about NSDL's depository system such as System architecture, Network connectivity, tools and utilities, adding value to business by system administrator, frequently asked questions at Help Desk, etc., NSDL conducted a training programmes in Mumbai which was attended by 43 officials of Participants.

  • Investor Depository Meets (IDMs):
  • NSDL interacts with investors throughout the country through a series of 'Investor Depository Meets'. These programs are organised to spread awareness amongst the accountholders and others about the new facilities introduced by NSDL, the safety features and precautions to be taken by accountholders while operating in the depository environment. During April 2014, NSDL organised six such IDMs at Madhopur and Dausa in Rajasthan, Bilimora and Navsari in Gujarat and in Kangra and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh which were attended by around 140 investors.

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