December 31, 2020
Investor Accounts 2,08,96,069
DP Service Centres 31,281
Demat Custody Value 227.51 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3114 billion)

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In April 2009, Artha Broking Services Limited (DP ID IN303671) was made operational as a Participant of NSDL. It will conduct its depository operations from Mumbai. This takes the total number of operational Participants to 275 and the total number of DPM set-ups to 352.

NSDL has enhanced the SMS alert facility as under

(1) Intra day alerts

SMS alerts in respect of transfer of securities (i.e. debit to client account) are now sent on the same day for delivery instructions effected upto 7.00 p.m. In respect of delivery instructions effected after 7.00 p.m., SMS alerts are sent on the following day.

(2) Alerts for pay-in related instructions (from Client to Clearing Member Pool account) remaining in overdue status due to insuffi cient balance

After the introduction of partial settlement of pay-in instructions from client account to the Clearing Member (CM) Pool Account, the instructions to debit the account of the client where there are insuffi cient balances will remain in Overdue status and will be carried forward till the pay-in deadline for execution. For such instructions which remain in Overdue status, SMS will be sent to the client about the instruction remaining in Overdue status. For those instructions which get executed (either fully or partially) at pay-in deadline, an SMS in the regular course for debiting the account of the client will be sent.

The text of SMS alerts for instruction remaining in overdue status due to insuffi cient balance after the execution date is as follows:

Insuffi cient qty in your demat a/c ________ (Client ID) for transfer of _______ (number of shares) shares of ____________ (Company Name/ISIN as the case may be). Available qty will get transferred by pay-in date ________ (date, dd/mm/yy)

This has been informed to Participants vide circular Nos. NSDL/POLICY/2009/0030 dated April 22, 2009 and NSDL/POLICY/2009/0033 dated May 6, 2009.

NSDL has launched virtual keyboard on IDeAS ( and SPEED-e ( to facilitate Users to enter their password in a more secured manner.

  • This feature is available for password based Users of IDeAS and SPEED-e facility and Clearing Members availing the facility of IDeAS using password based option (hereinafter referred as Users).
  • Virtual keyboard is available for Users on IDeAS / SPEED-e websites to enter their password at the time of registration, login, reset of password, change of password and during auto-expiry of password.
  • Earlier, Users needed to enter their password using a physical keyboard for login to IDeAS / SPEED-e websites. Users will now have the choice to enter their password either using the physical keyboard or virtual keyboard (after enabling the check box - Use Virtual Keyboard).
  • Users will be required to enter the entire password (in toto) either using the physical keyboard or virtual keyboard for all the password fi elds provided on the screen.

Further details about this are available in Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2009/0027 dated April 11, 2009.

For effecting change of address of a corporate entity, all the authorised signatories were required to sign the request for change of address. Based on the feedback received from Participants, for effecting change of address of a corporate entity, the request must now be signed by the authorised signatories in accordance with the Board Resolution for operation of the depository account.

This has been informed to Participants vide circular no. NSDL/POLICY/2009/0032 dated May 4, 2009.

NSDL conducts NCDO oriented training programmes for staff of Participants to increase the availability of trained personnel for depository operations. In April 2009, such programmes were conducted in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Karnal and Bangalore.

Two more Participants have subscribed to the SPEED-e facility:

  • Trans Scan Securities (P) Ltd. (IN302496)
  • IDBI Bank Ltd. (IN300450)

Clients of the above mentioned Participants can now avail of the facility of submitting various instructions through SPEED-e facility.

This takes the total number of Participants who have subscribed to SPEED-e to 81.

NSDL has informed all its Participants that pursuant to the closure of Depository Participant operations by HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Private Limited, its DP ID IN300255 has been deleted from the Depository System.This has been informed to Participants vide Circular No. NSDL/PI/2009/0786 dated May 11, 2009.

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