December 31, 2020
Investor Accounts 2,08,96,069
DP Service Centres 31,281
Demat Custody Value 227.51 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3114 billion)

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The following Depository Participant (DP) has subscribed to the SPEED-e facility of NSDL in the month of March 2007:

  • Pelf Finstock Limited

Clients of the above mentioned DP can now avail of the facility of submitting various instructions through SPEED-e facility.

This takes the total number of DPs who have subscribed to SPEED-e to 72.

Yogesh Securities Private Limited (YSPL), DP of NSDL has transferred its Depository operations to Niche Brokerage Private Limited (NBPL), subsequent to amalgamation of YSPL with NBPL. Securities and Exchange Board of India has granted a certificate of registration to NBPL as a Participant of NSDL. The DP Id of YSPL (IN302390) has been assigned to NBPL.

NSDL conducted training programmes in Mumbai and New Delhi for compliance officers of DPs. Areas covered during the training programmes were compliance requirements, inspection and internal audit. These programmes were conducted in New Delhi and Mumbai on March 20 & March 24, 2007 respectively, which were attended by 55 persons representing 30 DPs.

At the time of opening a depository account, the staff of the DP is required to establish the identity of the applicant (including guardian in case of minor account) by verifying the photograph affixed in the account opening form (Annexure J) as well as proof of identity document with the person concerned. In case of joint accounts, 'in-person' verification needs to be carried out for all the accountholders.

Further, with respect to depository accounts opened since April 1, 2006 and where 'in-person' verification has been carried out by persons other than DP staff, DPs have been advised to once again carry out the 'in-person' verification for such depository accounts by DP's own staff, as per the specified procedure at the earliest but not later than September 30, 2007.

This has been informed to DPs vide Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2007/0016 dated March 16, 2007.

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