National Securities Depository Limited
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August 31, 2019

arraw Investor Accounts - 1,89,16,477
arraw DP Service Centres - 31,205
arraw Demat Custody Value - 177.44
(₹ Lakh Crore)(US$ 2,483 billion)
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Participants (DPM Set-ups) Subscribed for SPEED-e

Sr. No.DP NameDP IDPlace
1 A. G. Shares & Securities Limited IN301006 Agra
2 Abhipra Capital Limited IN300206 New Delhi
3 Action Financial Services ( India ) Limited IN300271 Mumbai
4 Acumen Capital Market (India) Limited IN300896 Ernakulam
5 Aditya Birla Money Limited IN301696 Chennai
6 Adroit Financial Services Private Limited IN302822 Ghaziabad
7 Alankit Assignments Limited IN300118 New Delhi
8 Alankit Assignments Limited IN301160 Jaipur
9 Alankit Assignments Limited IN301186 New Delhi
10 Allahabad Bank IN300853 Kolkata
11 Anand Rathi Share and Stock Brokers Limited IN301803 Mumbai
12 Ankit Securities & Finance Company Private Limited IN300999 Mumbai
13 Arch Finance Limited IN303403 New Delhi
14 Arihant Capital Markets Limited IN301983 Indore
15 ASE Capital Markets Limited IN302461 Ahmedabad
16 Ashika Stock Broking Limited IN303591 Kolkata
17 Ashlar Securities Private Limited IN303921 Noida
18 Astha Credit and Securities Private Limited IN303420 Bhopal
19 AUM Capital Market Private Limited IN304211 Kolkata
20 Axis Bank Limited IN300484 Navi Mumbai
21 Bajaj Capital Limited IN303237 New Delhi
22 Bank of Baroda IN300870 Mumbai
23 Bank of India IN300749 Mumbai
24 Barclays Securities (India) Private Limited IN303559 Mumbai
25 Beeline Broking Limited IN304123 Ahmedabad
26 BgSE Financials Limited IN302148 Bangalore
27 Bharat Bhushan Equity Traders Limited IN301209 New Delhi
28 Bhargava Lodha Stock Brokers Private Limited IN303606 Mumbai
29 BMA Wealth Creators Limited IN303794 Kolkata
30 BOI Shareholding Limited IN001019 Mumbai
31 Bonanza Portfolio Limited IN301477 Mumbai
32 Canara Bank IN301356 Bangalore
33 CFS Financial Services Private Limited IN301918 Faridabad
34 Cholamandalam Securities Limited IN300572 Chennai
35 Citibank N. A. IN300685 Mumbai
36 Citizen Credit Co-operative Bank Limited IN301225 Mumbai
37 City Union Bank Limited IN303036 Chennai
38 Coimbatore Capital Limited IN300175 Coimbatore
39 Composite Securities Limited IN302113 New Delhi
40 Computer Age Management Services Private Limited IN303149 Chennai
41 Consortium Capital Private Limited IN303727 Kolkata
42 Consortium Securities Private Limited IN302316 New Delhi
43 Corporation Bank IN302603 Mumbai
44 CSE Capital Markets Private Limited IN305082 Kolkata
45 Dalmia Securities Private Limited IN300222 Kolkata
46 Daulat Securities Limited IN301372 Kolkata
47 Dayco Securities Private Limited IN300263 Kolkata
48 DP TradeKING Private Limited IN304182 Gujarat
49 Drishti Share & Investments Private Limited IN304238 New Delhi
50 DSN Securities Limited IN301292 Chandigarh
51 DSP Merrill Lynch Limited IN302638 Mumbai
52 Dynamic Equities Private Limited IN302017 Kolkata
53 East India Securities Limited IN300327 Kolkata
54 Eastern Financiers Limited IN303181 Kolkata
55 Edelweiss Broking Limited IN303719 Mumbai
56 Edelweiss Broking Limited IN302201 Mumbai
57 Elbee Securities Private Limited IN303841 Kolkata
58 Elite Wealth Advisors Limited IN301670 Delhi
59 Escorts Securities Limited IN300781 New Delhi
60 Eureka Stock & Share Broking Services Limited IN302105 Kolkata
61 Excel Stock Broking Private Limited IN304045 Kolkata
62 Farsight Securities Limited IN301766 New Delhi
63 Findoc Investmart Private Limited IN304088 Ludhiana
64 Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Limited IN300239 Kochi
65 Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Limited IN301637 Kochi
66 Ghalla Bhansali Stock Brokers Private Limited IN301854 Mumbai
67 Globe Capital Market Limited IN300966 New Delhi
68 Gogia Capital Services Limited IN300589 New Delhi
69 Goldmine Stocks Private Limited IN301645 Ahmedabad
70 GRD Securities Limited IN303526 Kolkata
71 Guiness Securities Limited IN302898 Kolkata
72 HDFC Bank Limited IN300601 Mumbai
73 HDFC Bank Limited IN301436 Mumbai
74 HDFC Bank Limited IN300126 Mumbai
75 HDFC Bank Limited IN301151 Mumbai
76 HDFC Bank Limited IN301549 Mumbai
77 HDFC Bank Limited IN300476 Mumbai
78 HSE Securities Limited IN302734 Hyderabad
79 ICICI Bank Limited IN301348 Mumbai
80 IDBI Bank Limited IN300505 Mumbai
81 IDBI Bank Limited IN300450 Mumbai
82 IDBI Capital Markets & Securities Limited IN300079 Mumbai
83 IDFC Bank Limited IN304203 Mumbai
84 IFCI Financial Services Limited IN301364 Chennai
85 IIFL Wealth Management Limited IN304158 Mumbai
86 IL&FS Securities Services Limited IN300095 Mumbai
87 IL&FS Securities Services Limited IN302871 Mumbai
88 Indbank Merchant Banking Services Limited IN300597 Chennai
89 Indbank Merchant Banking Services Limited IN303093 Chennai
90 India Cements Investment Services Limited IN303340 Chennai
91 India Infoline Limited IN302269 Andheri (East) Mumbai
92 Indiabulls Ventures Limited IN302236 Gurgaon
93 Indian Finance Guaranty limited IN303884 New Delhi
94 IndiaNivesh Securities Limited IN303534 Mumbai
95 Inditrade Capital Limited IN301895 Kochi
96 Indovision Securities Limited IN303930 Kolkata
97 Indsec Securities And Finance Limited IN300062 Mumbai
98 Indus Portfolio Private Limited IN300940 New Delhi
99 IndusInd Bank Limited IN300159 Mumbai
100 Integrated Enterprises (India) Private Limited IN300757 Chennai
101 Integrated Enterprises (India) Private Limited IN300441 Chennai
102 Integrated Enterprises (India) Private Limited IN301313 Chennai
103 Integrated Master Securities Private Limited IN300724 New Delhi
104 Investmentor Securities Limited IN301233 Ahmedabad
105 J. K. Securities Private Limited IN300636 Anand
106 Janata Sahakari Bank Limited, Pune IN300280 Pune
107 Jhaveri Securities Limited IN301991 Vadodara
108 JKB Financial Services limited IN302349 Srinagar
109 JM Financial Services Limited IN302927 Mumbai
110 Julius Baer Wealth Advisors (India) Private Limited IN305099 Mumbai
111 Jyoti Portfolio Private Limited IN302050 New Delhi
112 Karvy Stock Broking Limited IN300394 Hyderabad
113 Karvy Stock Broking Limited IN301926 Hyderabad
114 Karvy Stock Broking Limited IN301557 Hyderabad
115 Karvy Stock Broking Limited IN302470 Hyderabad
116 KIFS Trade Capital Private Limited IN301485 Ahmedabad
117 KIFS Trade Capital Private Limited IN302700 Jaipur
118 KK Securities Limited IN300468 New Delhi
119 Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited IN303173 Mumbai
120 Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited IN302814 Mumbai
121 Kotak Securities Limited IN300214 Mumbai
122 L. D. K. Shares & Securities Private Limited IN303261 Agra
123 Lohia Securities Limited IN302189 Kolkata
124 LSC Securities Limited IN301846 Ludhiana
125 Maheshwari Technical & Financial Services Limited IN301959 New Delhi
126 Mangal Keshav Securities Limited IN302783 Mumbai
127 Mansukh Securities And Finance Limited IN301653 New Delhi
128 Marck Securities Private Limited IN302960 Delhi
129 Marwadi Shares & Finance Limited IN300974 Rajkot
130 Master Capital Services Limited IN301143 Noida
131 Matalia Stock Broking Private Limited IN303575 Rajkot
132 Microsec Capital Limited IN302978 Kolkata
133 MLB Capital Private Limited IN302566 New Delhi
134 Monarch Networth Capital Limited IN303052 Ahmedabad
135 Morgan Stanley India Company Private Limited IN300433 Mumbai
136 Motilal Oswal Securities Limited IN301862 Mumbai
137 Multiplex Capital Limited IN302620 Gurgaon
138 Nakamichi Securities Limited IN304004 Kolkata
139 Nam Securities Limited IN301782 New Delhi
140 Narayan Capital Services Private Limited IN304174 Delhi
141 Navia Markets Limited IN300378 Chennai
142 NDA Securities Limited IN303663 New Delhi
143 Nikunj Stock Brokers Limited IN302994 Delhi
144 Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited IN301604 Mumbai
145 Northeast Broking Services Limited IN300669 Hyderabad
146 Nutan Nagarik Sahakari Bank Limited IN302293 Ahmedabad
147 O. J. Financial Services Limited IN303778 New Delhi
148 Orbis Financial Corporation Limited IN303622 Gurgaon
149 Oriental Bank of Commerce IN300020 Mumbai
150 Oriental Bank of Commerce IN301071 Mumbai
151 Oriental Bank of Commerce IN300804 Mumbai
152 Oriental Bank of Commerce IN300837 Mumbai
153 Ortem Securities Limited IN300693 Kolkata
154 Patel Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd. IN304131 Rajkot
155 PCJ Holdings Private Limited IN303913 New Delhi
156 Peerless Securities Limited IN300958 Kolkata
157 Pelf Finstock Limited IN302943 Delhi
158 PhillipCapital (India) Private Limited IN302164 Mumbai
159 Pravin Ratilal Share and Stock Brokers Limited IN300982 Ahmedabad
160 Punjab and Maharashtra Co-Operative Bank Limited IN301975 Mumbai
161 Punjab National Bank IN300708 New Delhi
162 Quant Broking Private Limited IN303614 Mumbai
163 R. K. Global Shares And Securities Limited IN302951 Kolkata
164 R. K. Global Shares And Securities Limited IN302453 New Delhi
165 Ratnabali Capital Markets Private Limited IN303639 Kolkata
166 Ratnakar Securities Private Limited IN300652 Ahmedabad
167 RBC Financial Services Private Limited IN301590 New Delhi
168 Reliance Securities Limited IN303132 Mumbai
169 Religare Securities Limited IN301774 Noida
170 Sajag Securities Private Limited IN303647 Pune
171 Samridhi Stocks Private Limited IN304061 Kolkata
172 Sanctum Wealth Management Private Limited IN303956 Mumbai
173 Saurin Investments Private Limited IN301469 Ahmedabad
174 SBI - SG Global Securities Services Private Limited IN303786 Mumbai
175 SBICAP Securities Limited IN306114 Mumbai
176 Shah Investor’s Home Limited IN300343 Ahmedabad
177 Sharekhan Limited IN300513 Mumbai
178 Shivmangal Securities Private Limited IN302252 Kolkata
179 Shree Bahubali Stock Broking Limited IN300773 Kolkata
180 Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited IN302365 Delhi
181 Shriram Insight Share Brokers Limited IN303809 Kolkata
182 Signatureglobal Securities Private Limited IN304199 New Delhi
183 SKI Capital Services Limited IN301508 New Delhi
184 SKP Securities Limited IN302646 Kolkata
185 Smart Equity Brokers Private Limited IN303948 New Delhi
186 SMC Global Securities Limited IN303655 New Delhi
187 South Asian Stocks Limited IN306122 Delhi
188 South Gujarat Shares & Sharebrokers Limited IN300425 Surat
189 SPFL Securities Limited IN300556 Kanpur
190 Sri Shirdi Capital Services Private Limited IN303165 Vijaywada
191 SS Corporate Securities Limited IN303399 Delhi
192 SS Corporate Securities Limited IN303108 Delhi
193 SSD Securities Private Limited IN303323 Kolkata
194 Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited IN300360 Mumbai
195 Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited IN300100 Mumbai
196 Star Finvest Private Limited IN302540 New Delhi
197 State Bank of India IN300765 Mumbai
198 Steel City Securities Limited IN302324 Vishakapatnam
199 Stewart & Mackertich Wealth Management Limited IN301629 Kolkata
200 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN300011 Navi Mumbai
201 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN300888 Navi Mumbai
202 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301127 Navi Mumbai
203 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301330 Navi Mumbai
204 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN302025 Navi Mumbai
205 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301715 Navi Mumbai
206 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301276 Navi Mumbai
207 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301039 Navi Mumbai
208 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301250 Navi Mumbai
209 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301135 Navi Mumbai
210 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301080 Navi Mumbai
211 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN301022 Navi Mumbai
212 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited IN300812 Navi Mumbai
213 Sumedha Fiscal Services Limited IN303583 Kolkata
214 SVS Securities Private Limited IN302582 Mumbai
215 Swastika Investmart Limited IN303833 Indore
216 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited IN303069 Chennai
217 The Cosmos Co-Operative Bank Limited IN301098 Pune
218 The Federal Bank Limited IN301516 Kochi
219 The Kalupur Commercial Co-Operative Bank Limited IN301321 Ahmedabad
220 The Kapol Co-Operative Bank Limited IN300907 Mumbai
221 The Mehsana Urban Co-Operative Bank Limited IN304166 Mehsana
222 The Saraswat Co-Operative Bank Limited IN300829 Navi Mumbai
223 The Surat People's Co-Operative Bank Limited IN300845 Surat
224 TJSB Sahakari Bank Limited IN303964 Thane
225 Tracom Stock Brokers Private Limited IN302332 Ahmedabad
226 Trans Scan Securities (P) Limited IN302496 Kolkata
227 Trustline Securities Limited IN303743 Noida
228 Union Bank of India IN303157 Mumbai
229 Vardhaman Capital Private Limited IN303212 Kolkata
230 Vedika Securities Private Limited IN301493 Kolkata
231 Ventura Securities Limited IN303116 Thane (West)
232 Vertex Securities Limited IN301811 Kochi
233 Visual Securities Private Limited IN304220 kolkata
234 Vivek Financial Focus Limited IN300861 New Delhi
235 Vogue Commercial Company Limited IN302092 Noida
236 Way2Wealth Brokers Private Limited IN303077 Bangalore
237 YES Bank Limited IN303270 Mumbai
238 Yoha Securities Limited IN303315 Chennai
239 Zen Securities Limited IN302863 Hyderabad
240 Zuari Investments Limited IN301055 New Delhi
241 RCSPL Share Broking Private Limited IN304246 Ahmedabad
242 NKGSB Co-op. Bank Limited IN303358 Mumbai