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NSDL has vide its Circular No. NSDL/PI/2002/1132 dated July 13, 2002 revised the form for "Delivery Instructions by Clients". Existing Annexure L of the Business Rules of NSDL pertaining to Delivery Instructions by Clients, provides a facility to give instructions for multiple ISINs but in favour of a single target Client account (Client Id) or a Clearing Member's account (CM-BP-Id). Thus, a Client is required to give separate delivery instruction forms for different target Client Ids/CM-BP-Ids. NSDL has been receiving requests from Participants regarding modification of Annexure L so as to enable the Clients to give delivery instructions in favour of multiple target Client Ids/CM-BP-Ids. Accordingly, Annexure L (Delivery Instruction by Clients) of the Business Rules of NSDL, has been amended. Clients will now be able to give debit instructions in favour of more than one target accounts in a single form.

However, Annexure L in the existing format is also valid and Participants will continue to accept the same from the Clients.

Instructions for transferring shares under Buy back / Open offer

NSDL has vide its Circular No. NSDL/PI/2002/1108 dated July 9, 2002 informed the Participants to advise their Clients to submit instructions for transferring shares under buy back / open offer at least one working day before the date of closure of such offers or prior to such deadline time as may be decided by the Participant for submission of delivery instructions by Clients. Further, Participants should advise their Clients to mark "Buy back/Open offer" on the face of the Delivery Instruction Form so as to identify such instructions and execute them on a priority basis.

Dematerialisation of Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

As per the RBI Monetary and Credit Policy 2002-03, with effect from June 30, 2002, banks and FIs should issue CDs only in the dematerialised form. Accordingly, CDs are being admitted to NSDL. CDs can be issued directly in demat form without recourse to printing of Certificates. Securities will be directly credited into the account of the investors by NSDL on receipt of allotment details from Issuer/Registrar & Transfer Agent. The issuance in demat form will be in accordance with the Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India (FIMMDA) Guidelines on issuance of CD's, details of which are available on the FIMMDA website viz,

Change in NSDL - Kolkata office address and contact details

Details of new address and contact details of Kolkata branch office of NSDL are as under

National Securities Depository Limited
5th Floor, The Millenium
Flat No. 5W, 235/2A,
Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road (AJC Bose Road)
Kolkata - 700020
Tel : 033-2814661/2814662
Emails : ,

NCFM test schedule

NSE has announced the dates and locations for conducting NCFM test, at places where NSE office is not located. The schedule has been announced for the period upto October 02. The schedule is available on NSDL website on the page http:\\\certification\ncfmdata.xls. The tests will be conducted at Bangalore( 3-Aug , 10-Aug, 17-Aug, 28 - Sep, 19-Oct) , Vadodra ( 7 - Sep) , Bhubaneshwar (10 -Aug ), Kochi (21 - Sep), Coimbatore ( 14 - Sep), Indore ( 12 - Oct), Kolhapur ( 28 - Sep), Lucknow ( 17 - Aug , 24 - Aug), Ludhiana (3 - Aug) , Nagpur ( 7 - Sep), Nashik ( 5 - Oct), Thiruvananthapuram ( 24 - Aug), Vijayawada ( 21 - Sep) and Vizag (12- Oct).

Updated version of Compliance Manual for Depository Participants

NSDL has updated the "Compliance Manual for Depository Participants" with circulars issued upto May 31, 2002. Copies of the revised manual can be downloaded from NSDL website. Printed copies can be obtained from NSDL offices upon payment of Rs. 200/- per copy.