March 31, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,16,89,563
DP Service Centres 36,044
Demat Custody Value 243.74 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3330 billion)

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You will receive corporate action (as announced by the issuing company) for securities held in demat form.

Issuer / its R&T agent directly forwards the dividend warrant/ interest to the depository account holder. NSDL does not handle funds. The issuer/ its R&T Agent calculates the benefits due to you on the basis of ownership data forwarded by NSDL.


Issuer / its R&T agent would arrange to credit your depository account with bonus/rights securities to the extent of your entitlement on the basis of ownership data forwarded by NSDL.


  • NSDL does not handle cash corporate actions. In case of non-receipt of the same, contact the issuer/ its R&T agent. In future, when NSDL handles cash corporate actions, you may contact NSDL in case of non-receipt of the same.
  • In case you wish to avail of the ECS facility for receiving your cash corporate action, you may do so by informing the issuer/ its R&T Agent (provided the issuer gives this facility). You will need to inform the company even if you were availing this facility for your physical securities which were dematerialised.
  • Ensure that you give your bank particulars correctly in the account opening form. This would be printed on the dividend warrant.
  • In case of right/ bonus entitlement, irrespective of the form of your existing holding, you have to intimate issuer/ its R&T agent your choice of the form (physical/ demat) in which you would prefer to receive your right / bonus securities and the client id and DP id of the account in which you would like to have the securities credited. Although this depository account can be different from the account in which your existing securities are held, they should be in the same combination of names as the depository account where your existing securities are held. If there is any mistake in your depository account details mentioned in the rights application/ intimation letter indicating the choice of form of bonus securities, you would receive physical securities directly from the issuer/ its R&T agent.
  • In case you have not intimated issuer/ its R&T agent your choice of the form (physical/ demat) in which you would prefer to receive your right / bonus securities, you will get your non-cash corporate benefits in the form of your original holdings.
  • In case of rights issue, the rights issue form will be forwarded by the issuer/ its R&T Agent.
  • In case of problem in credit in your depository account, contact your DP. If they fail to resolve your problem, you may contact NSDL.

For each account opened with your DP, you will receive a "Statement of Account" from your DP on a quarterly basis. If your account has a debit / credit during the intervening period, you will receive a "Statement of Account" within 30 days of the debit / credit to your account.


  • You can arrange with your DP to get the "Statement of Account" at shorter intervals. They may charge for this facility.
  • In case of any discrepancy in the "Statement of Account", contact your DP. If they fail to resolve your problem you may contact NSDL.
  • The "Statement of Account" is your proof of holding and in case you loose it you would not loose your holding.
  • Public issues
    You can opt for allotment directly in demat form, provided the company has joined NSDL & gives you this facility.
  • Pledge
    You can pledge your demat holdings.
  • Lending/ Borrowing
    You can lend/ borrow demat securities to/ from an authorised intermediary.
  • Freezing of account
    You can freeze your account any time. When your account is frozen, no transactions will be made from your account until you unfreeze it. Further, you also have the facility to freeze your account for debits only. In such a case, credits will automatically flow to your account.The way you can freeze your entire account, you can freeze securities of select companies in your account or you can even freeze select quantity of securities for a particular company and keep balance quantity of securities in free status.
  • Closure of account
    In case you want to close your account with one DP, you can do so by shifting your holding to a depository account with another DP or by rematerialising your holding. You can rematerialise part or whole of your holdings any times
  • Transmission
    If the account holder passes away, the DP of the account holder would be able to process the transmission of these securities to the legal heirs. You do not have to take up with each of the issuer / its R&T agent. NSDL does not charge its DP for transmission.
  • Nomination
    You have the facility to appoint a nominee for your depository account. However, you can nominate only one person per account.
  • Change in client details
    In case of any change in client details provided in the account opening form viz. Address, bank details etc., you can contact your DP. The DP will ensure that the change is updated for all holdings credited in your account.
  • Investor Grievance
    In case of any unresolved dispute with a DP you can contact NSDL for resolution of your grievance at the following address:


Investor Relationship Cell,
National Securities Depository Limited
Tradeworld,4th Floor, A - Wing,
Kamala Mills Compound,
Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013.
Phone : 022-24994200
Fax : 022-24972993/ 24976351

Please ensure to provide your Client Id, DP Id & DRN (DRN in case of grievance related to demat) in your correspondence.


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