March 31, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,16,89,563
DP Service Centres 36,044
Demat Custody Value 243.74 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3330 billion)

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Investor Guided Tour / Benefits

In the depository system, the ownership and transfer of securities takes place by means of electronic book entries. At the outset, this system rids the capital market of the dangers related to handling of paper. NSDL provides numerous direct and indirect benefits, like :

  • Elimination of bad deliveries - In the depository environment, once holdings of an investor are dematerialised, the question of bad delivery does not arise i.e. they cannot be held "under objection". In the physical environment, buyer was required to take the risk of transfer and face uncertainty of the quality of assets purchased. In a depository environment good money certainly begets good quality of assets.
  • Elimination of all risks associated with physical certificates - Dealing in physical securities have associated security risks of theft of stocks, mutilation of certificates, loss of certificates during movements through and from the registrars, thus exposing the investor to the cost of obtaining duplicate certificates and advertisements, etc. This problem does not arise in the depository environment.
  • No stamp duty for transfer of any kind of securities in the depository. This waiver extends to equity shares, debt instruments and units of mutual funds.
  • Immediate transfer and registration of securities - In the depository environment, once the securities are credited to the investors account on pay out, he becomes the legal owner of the securities. There is no further need to send it to the company's registrar for registration. Having purchased securities in the physical environment, the investor has to send it to the company's registrar so that the change of ownership can be registered. This process usually takes around three to four months and is rarely completed within the statutory framework of two months thus exposing the investor to opportunity cost of delay in transfer and to risk of loss in transit. To overcome this, the normally accepted practice is to hold the securities in street names i.e. not to register the change of ownership. However, if the investors miss a book closure the securities are not good for delivery and the investor would also stand to loose his corporate entitlements.
  • Faster settlement cycle - The exclusive demat segments follow rolling settlement cycle of T+2 i.e. the settlement of trades will be on the 2nd working day from the trade day. This will enable faster turnover of stock and more liquidity with the investor
  • Faster disbursement of non cash corporate benefits like rights, bonus, etc.- NSDL provides for direct credit of non cash corporate entitlements to an investors account, thereby ensuring faster disbursement and avoiding risk of loss of certificates in transit.
  • Reduction in brokerage by many brokers for trading in dematerialised securities - Brokers provide this benefit to investors as dealing in dematerialised securities reduces their back office cost of handling paper and also eliminates the risk of being the introducing broker.
  • Reduction in handling of huge volumes of paper
  • Periodic status reports to investors on their holdings and transactions, leading to better controls.
  • Elimination of problems related to change of address of investor, transmission, etc. - In case of change of address or transmission of demat shares, investors are saved from undergoing the entire change procedure with each company or registrar. Investors have to only inform their DP with all relevant documents and the required changes are effected in the database of all the companies, where the investor is a registered holder of securities.
  • Elimination of problems related to selling securities on behalf of a minor - A natural guardian is not required to take court approval for selling demat securites on behalf of a minor.
  • Ease in portfolio monitoring since statement of account gives a consolidated position of investments in all instruments.
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