November 30, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,45,96,176
DP Service Centres 36,123
Demat Custody Value 294.45 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3921 billion)

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Depository Participant Guided Tour / Cost

The estimate of initial capital cost to be incurred by a Participant is divided into the following, viz.:

Infrastructural Cost

Sr.No. Particulars Payable to Amount
1. Hardware
Server (branded)
(a) High End Server (Max. Client A/c – 5,00,000 and No. of Transaction / day – 1,00,000) Vendor 1,75,000/- to 2,40,000/-
(b) Entry Level Server with Hardware (onboard) RAID (Max. Client A/c – 1,50,000 and No. of Transaction / day – 40,000) Vendor 1,25,000/- to 1,80,000/-
(c) Entry Level Server without Hardware RAID (Max. Client A/c – 1,00,000 and No. of Transaction / day – 22,500) Vendor 1,20,000/- to 1,58,000/-
(d) Desktop as Server (Max. Client A/c – 75,000 and No. of Transaction / day – 15,000) Vendor 35,000/- to 45,000/-
Node / Client Vendor 30,000/- to 37,000/-
Scanner Vendor 3,500/- to 5,500/-
Printer (Deskjet Printer) Vendor 6,000/- to 7,500/-
Printer (Entry level Laserjet Printer) Vendor 20,000/- to 25,000/-
Router + cables Vendor 90,000/-
Dial up (Async – Only PPP Connectivity) Vendor 1,000/-
UPS Vendor 20,000/- to 30,000/-
Hardware Token (Dongle) NSDL 1,550/-
Total Hardware charges with server stated in ( a ) * 3,27,050/- to 4,30,050/-
Total Hardware charges with server stated in ( b ) * 2,77,050/- to 3,70,050/-
Total Hardware charges with server stated in ( c ) * 2,72,050/- to 3,48,050/-
Total Hardware charges with server stated in ( d ) * 1,87,050/- to 2,13,050/-
2. VSAT Charges
VSAT [deposit recovered over 3 yrs.] NSE 2,00,000/-
VSAT activation charges HCL Comnet 17,750/-
Total VSAT related initial charges 2,17,750/-
3. Lease Line Charges
Local Leased Line users within Mumbai and Delhi (Hierarchical Network) - (inclusive of local leased line charges) NSDL 75,000/-
Inter-city Leased Line users from any other city connecting directly to NSDL – Mumbai (This includes Delhi BPs who have not availed of Hierarchical Network) – Only NSDL Charges Leased Line charge shall be extra and payable on actual (as per circuit bills) NSDL 36,500/-
4. ISDN Charges (optional)
Annual charges for dedicated ISDN line (Charges towards reserving one ISDN line and associated port for Participant at NSDL end) NSDL 83,900/-
5. Software
DPM Application Software license (New set-up) NSDL 2,50,000/-
DPM Application Software license (Scale Down) NSDL 1,25,000/-
Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack Vendor 30,000/-
Windows 2000 Professional Vendor 10,500/-
SQL server 2000 software with 5 user license ** Vendor 55,000/-
WINZIP Software License (minimum two) Vendor 2,000/-
Anti-virus Vendor 1,000/-
Total Software (Full Set-up) 3,48,500/-
Total Software (Scale Down) 2,23,500/-

* Price variation is due to the Local / MNC make system with memory ranging from 512 MB to 2 GB.

** MS-SQL full server pack comes with five user license. Of these five user licenses, one is used for server itself and one is used by NSDL Helpdesk for remote login set-up. Participants having more than three desktop clients shall procure additional MS-SQL client access licenses in proportion to the additional number of desktop clients.


  • The cost of hardware is only indicative as different vendors may have different price structure.

Security Deposit and Initial Fees

Particulars Payable to Time of Payment Amount (Rs.)
Application Fees SEBI After intimation from NSDL 5,000
Registration Fees SEBI After SEBI approval 1,00,000
Entry Fee NSDL After SEBI approval 25,000
Security Deposit [refundable but interestfree] NSDL After SEBI approval 10,00,000
Insurance charges NSDL After SEBI approval 45,000
Total (b) 11,75,000


NSDL has negotiated an insurance policy to cover business risks and system failure risks. NSDL and all DPs are 'insured' under this policy. Every DP on admission to NSDL system will automatically be under this insurance protection. The insurance charges are indicative; actual charges for the first year depend on the date of admission.

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