September 30, 2021
Investor Accounts 2,37,55,327
DP Service Centres 36,096
Demat Custody Value 295.92 (₹ Lakh Crore)
(US$ 3989 billion)

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The clearing member can give the instructions in an electronic form (on a floppy or tape) if the DP is willing to accept the same. This eliminates the need for manual data entry at the DP's office.

If the securities available in the clearing member account is less than the securities to be delivered for pay-in, then at the time of settlement, the securities to the extent available in the clearing member account will be transferred. The instruction for the full quantity will not be rejected.

Delivery-out instructions for moving securities from CM Pool Account to CM Delivery Account can be generated automatically by the respective Clearing Corporations based on the net delivery obligations of its Clearing Members. The Clearing Corporation can generate Auto DOs on behalf of those Clearing Members who have authorised it in this regard. The Auto DOs will be generated around the time of download of the delivery obligations to the Clearing Members. Such Clearing Members will not be required to give delivery-out instruction forms to the Participants for Pay-in to the Clearing Corporation in respect of the automatically generated DOs. The Clearing Members can know the Auto DOs either by way of download from the Clearing Corporation or through the Auto DO Report from the Participants or from SPEED facility on Internet.

Clearing members can give "Irreversible Delivery-out Instruction" which can't be canceled once they are executed. Such irreversible instructions are used for pre pay-in of securities for margin purposes.

NSDL offers a secured Internet based service for clearing members (such as brokers) of the stock exchanges linked to NSDL. This service named SPEED (Securities Position Easy Electronic Dissemination) enables the clearing members to view details of their clearing member pool accounts directly on the Internet. Data available include:

  • Balance lying in CM Pool account
  • Transactions for securities delivered by the clients (for Pay-in)
  • Transactions for securities delivered by clearing member to Clearing Corporation (Pay-in) including instructions in status 'Overdue', i.e. those pending for credits from clients and Inter-Settlement transfers
  • Transactions for securities delivered by Clearing Corporation to clearing member (Pay-out)
  • Transactions for securities delivered by clearing member to clients (after Pay-out) including instructions in status 'Overdue', i.e. those pending for credit from pay-out

All the above data can be downloaded and input in clearing member's back office for further use. This facility will be of immense help to the clearing members as the downloaded data can be applied in their back-office system to automatically flag the clients who are yet to deliver the securities for pay-in. This will enable them to follow-up with such clients for pending deliveries.

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