Non Convertible Debentures (Less than 1 year) Issuance in the month of November 2018
Serial No. Name of Issuer Issuer Code Issuer Category ISIN Security Description Issuance Date Maturity Date Residual Tenor (Days) from Issuance Date Amount in Rs. Cr. (FV) Name of Debenture Trustee
1 DB POWER (MADHYA PRADESH) LIMITED 076M Joint Stock Companies INE076M07014 DB POWER (MADHYA PRADESH) LIMITED 13.25 NCD 27MR19 FVRS10LAC 11/23/2018 03/27/2019 124 135.50
2 GADGETWOOD ESERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED 825W Joint Stock Companies INE825W07013 GADGETWOOD ESERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED 16 NCD 27SP20 FVRS10LAC 11/23/2018 06/28/2019 217 15.00 Milestone Trusteeship Services Pvt. Ltd
3 PIRAMAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED 140A Joint Stock Companies INE140A07427 PIRAMAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED SR2 NCD 20NV20 FVRS10LAC LOAUPTO21MY19 11/22/2018 10/01/2019 313 900.00 Catalyst Trusteeship Limited (Formerly GDA Trusteeship Limited)
4 UNISHIRE URBANSCAPE PRIVATE LIMITED 021T Joint Stock Companies INE021T07023 UNISHIRE URBANSCAPE PRIVATE LIMITED 18 NCD 31MR19 FVRS10LAC 11/01/2018 03/31/2019 150 1.00 Vistra ITCL (India) Limited