Non Convertible Debentures (Less than 1 year) Issuance in the month of March 2019
Serial No. Name of Issuer Issuer Code Issuer Category ISIN Security Description Issuance Date Maturity Date Residual Tenor (Days) from Issuance Date Amount in Rs. Cr. (FV) Name of Debenture Trustee
1 CITICORP FINANCE (INDIA) LIMITED 915D Joint Stock Companies INE915D07J30 CITICORP FINANCE (INDIA) LIMITED 2019/03/729 TRCHE 1 7.95 NCD 21SP20 FVRS10LAC 26/03/2019 19/09/2019 177 95.00 IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited
2 M J PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED 01L6 Joint Stock Companies INE01L607011 M J PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED 10.75 NCD 26MR20 FVRS10LAC 27/03/2019 05/09/2019 162 275.00 Catalyst Trusteeship Limited (Formerly GDA Trusteeship Limited)
3 RELIANCE FINANCIAL LIMITED 504L Joint Stock Companies INE504L07BP3 RELIANCE FINANCIAL LIMITED SR B/190328N BR NCD 11JN22 FVRS1LAC 29/03/2019 04/07/2019 97 26.92 Vistra ITCL (India) Limited